What would you like to hear at your wedding or birthday party? Music brings memories to life, let’s emotions flow free and purifies, whether it’s about joy, love or grief. Carefully selected songs bring that certain class to any event. Tailored to your wishes I sing anything from old Finnish hits to pop, rock, classical and soundtrack music.

I can sing a cappella or accompanied by another musician or a backing track. If you prefer live music over backing tracks you usually have one or more pianist or guitarist within your own guests. Singing with someone from your close circle helps make the performance more personal and meaningful. In case your ceremony is held at the church you can check in with your congregation to see if the cantor could offer the possibility for accompaniment.

A trained voice, especially classical, is strong enough acoustically but I also have the equipment to suffice the electric amplifying needs of a moderate sized space. I prefer events in Central Finland but farther trips can be agreed upon.

Get a peak of me singing on my YouTube channel and DM me on Facebook for further information!