There’s a corner in my soul where the lilies and lindens are in eternal bloom, the air is filled with a glowing haze gilded by the morning sun and tiny diamonds of dew jewel the bright green grass. A place where the soothing music never ceases and the fairies dance joyfully in the meadows.

There was a time when I was slowly withering away, disconnected from my core. A dreamer dying of thirst because the streams of wonder had run dry. And this one person, just by being there, being their out of this world self, helped me find myself again, connect with who I am and vitalize my soul. They are the reason for this name, Vantórea, which means Dawnstrider in Quenya, J.R.R. Tolkien’s elven language. This name, its translation and my first ever YouTube cover Namárië – Galadriel’s Lament are all a tribute to this special someone.

Though we haven’t even talked for a while this person has grown an eternal autumn garden, a paradise of inspiration, inside my heart.
Thank you.