This spring I immersed myself in this little art project. My new video is a tribute to the first two seasons of Westworld, probably the best philosophical and thought provoking scifi there is at the moment. The song is Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, arranged by Ramin Djawadi. This epic orchestral version of the song plays in the 8th episode of Westworld’s season two. The episode’s name is Kiksuya, meaning “Remember”. I have shamelessly used the original soundtrack as my backing track. It’s just too good.

Dabbling with my artsy B-roll has been the best kind of activity during this weird spring. I’ve also learned so much while trying out new techniques. There’s traditional filming and photography mixed together with water color paintings and editing. There are no captures from the show, all elements have been created from scratch by me. I wanted to somehow bring together the original Nirvana music video and some key elements from Westworld. Can you figure out all the references?

Here are some of the images that came out of the process. I call them The Instruments of Awakening.