On my YouTube channel I make game music and occasional metal and other soundtrack covers. In addition to singing I love videogames so game music has become a huge passion of mine. My upload pace might not be the most consistent ^^’ but I’m not planning on stopping. My bucket list is already about three pages long and some sheet music for my own arrangements is already cooking up. Subscribe to my channel to never miss a new video, including bloopers!

Invincible - World of Warcraft cover
Invincible bloopers starring Nyx
Another Day - Dream Theater cover

Chariot of Fate is a chamber metal band from Kuopio. Our music strives to transform the massive epicness of symphonic metal so that every instrument can be played and heard live on stage.The unique sound of this band of eight is created by combining a cello, violin, keys and two versatile vocalists with the traditional heavy metal comp. I have the honor of being the soprano voice of Chariot. I’m also responsible for our graphics and costume design in music videos.

We are currently producing our first full album and third music video. You can find our music videos on YouTube and our EP, released in 2016, on most streaming services.

Undertale – A Musical About Hopes and Dreams is a non-profit amateur musical production based on Toby Fox’s 2015 game Undertale. I’m starring as the Snowdin Shopkeeper and a little spider. And the ABSOLUTE GOD OF HYPERDEATH! You couldn’t ask for a more epic role! The musical’s rehearsals begun in August 2018 and our premiere will be in 2020.